Far Side Virtual:
From Mach-September 2018 I wrote a regular column for the website Primarily focused on Vaporwave, Far Side Virtual blended in discussions of technology and culture. Studying the intersection between our current reality and the far side future.

Ride The Lightning: Reviewbrah and the cult of the analogue
The Myspace Song: Our musical history is vanishing, and one day Vaporwave will too
Radio Free Vapor: Exploring Vaporwave radio’s best kept secret
Eccogems: Chuck Person creates Vaporwave
Agony & Irony: The puzzle of Floral Shoppe
The Holy Mountain: Steve Jobs and the impact of tomorrow
Half Hour of Power: Vaporwave’s live era
Unlimited Sin: The rise and fall of the music download

Reviews I have written for various publications, mostly in the Vaporwave genre.
James Ferraro: Requiem for Recycled Earth


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